one piece quiz 2

i have built my test environnement DB
i will maybe use xml/xslt instead of php but database queries will be difficult
anyways i'm just still hang up and need todo the gfx's
11.4.06 13:11

one piece quiz

so the layout is done ,not entirely 'cause i don't have graphic tools at the moment
it seems i'll use .php to manage questions and the rest

here's a peek

30.3.06 12:54

Start One piece char quiz

i saw this for Bleach and i thought why not for one piece as well .

it's not a quiz to test your knowledge about the anime but to see to which character your close too .

at the moment is started gathering pics and names

about 124 charachters men/woman and animals included
27.3.06 23:00

Anime like Mobile ringtone

i made a short ringtone under GPL free license : )
it's a nice one for getting sms should work on any new types of mobile phones
like symbian OS

filesize: 80KB Type: .MP3

26.3.06 03:17

OSX shitty backup script (suite)

well the older script was really shitty so i
changed few things and added some variables for easy use :

# Backup to .dmg to another device
# and mails you the result
DATE=`date +%d-%m-%Y`
# variables to change yerself
if [ $PWD != $SCRIPTDIR ];then
hdiutil create -srcfolder $STUFF $SCRIPTDIR/$USER-Backup-$DATE.dmg
SIZE=`du -sh $USER-Backup-$DATE.dmg`
echo "User:$USER - Backup to $BACKUPDEVICE - Size:$SIZE - Date:$DATE - files:$STUFF " > $BACKUPDEVICE/$USER-Backup.log
rm -rf $SCRIPTDIR/$USER-Backup-$DATE.dmg
mail -s "Backup Log" << EOT
Backup done , please check the logfile
for all details .
26.3.06 01:35

K-F fansubs reaches 179 OP's

the number 1 subbers at K-F has reached 179 subbed op's from One Piece !!
it's a record in anime history !!
18.3.06 16:14

Danko Jones Concert tickets

So far so good i've got them for 20$B
concert date is 4th april it's gonna rumble !!

Danko's web

18.3.06 14:30

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